Rosa chinensis rose ๐ŸŒน

Rosa chinensis rose ๐ŸŒน

This rose I derived from a flower garden commonly known as China rose or Chinese rose, is a member of the genus Rosa which is located in Guizhou, Hubei and Sichuan, Southwest China Is a resident of the provinces. Rosa chinensis was first published in 1768 by Nicholas Joseph von Jacquin in Observationan Botanicarum, 3, p. 7, p. 55.

How to click :

I used click this picture a “smart phone “
You don’t know how click this type picture and editing let’s see

(1)This type of picture is good at night time
(2)Go to setting and activate grid lines for easily set the frame and click the perfect picture
(3) Deactivate auto focus for easily select your object
(4)Clean your smartphone camera lens only used cotton best for don’t scratch your lens and help to beautiful click
(5)focus on flawer and set the frame and click ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

How to edit :

I suggest best editing application in your smartphone “Adobe lightroom” get download and start editing
1: Light -(1)Exposure= -0.25EV
(2) Contrast=11
(3) Highlights=15
(5)Whites= -50
(6)Blacks= -50
2: Colour
(1)Temp= -15
(2)Tint= 25
(3) Vibrance= 50
(4) Saturation= 25
4: details=
(1) sharpening=25
(4) masking=0
(5) noise reduction=25
(8) colour noise reduction=25
(9) Details=50
(10) smoothness=75

Some information Rosa chinensis rose :

It is a shrub that reaches 1 to 2 m and grows into hedges or forms. The leaves are of pineapple, consisting of 3 to 5 leaves, each leaf 2.5 to 6 cm long and 1 to 3 cm wide. In wild species (sometimes listed as Rosa chinensis ve spontenia), Flowers have red petals from five pinks. The fruit is a red hip 1 to 2 cm diameter. Strong, stalk round branches have almost bare, purple brown bark and can not have many curved, fearful, flat spine. Alternatively, systematic leaves have been divided into patients and leaf blades and total 5 to 11 inches long.

Pixiel and Rashis are spamly and glands-fluffy hairy. Pinnet leaf blades are usually three or five, rarely seven pinna sheets. Sheet is a 2.5-to-6 cm length and 1 to 3 centimeters wide-up to Wide or weak or extensive-wedding-sized base with ovete-Oblang, more or less long thin upper end and fast consumption edge. The leaf are bright dark green and the leaves are almost bare. Stepupaper is connected with Pietl on most of its length. The free area of the steps is rooted, the whole margin is the upper end and often glands-fluffy hairy.


Rosa chinensis rose

Flowering time ranges rarely occur in April to September, flowers are monogamous, usually four or five bundles together. Pedicels 2.5 to 6 cm long are almost hairy or glandular-fluffy. One to three barbs are linear with an intended upper end and smooth or glandular margins. Flowers have a mild fragrance

The hermaphrodite flowers have radial symmetry with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm and are divided with a double perianth. Cultivated in simple forms with more or less strongly filled flowers, which are also wild in China and other areas of temperate latitudes. The bald flower cup (hypanthium) is egg-shaped circular or pear-shaped. The early skipping sepals are ovate or sometimes leaf-like, with a dry or upper end on the normal or upper part and hairy on the bald
The forms range from pink to red or purple to white at the base of five to several or several petals, with a wedge-shaped base and a polished upper end. Many stamens exist. Above the petals are free, hairy stylus towers and nearly as tall as stamens. In China, rose hips ripen from June to November and turn red. The bald rose hips are egg-shaped or pear-shaped, with a diameter of 1 to 2 cm.

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