praying mantis ( Sphodromantis baccettii )

praying mantis ( Sphodromantis baccettii )

I was on a road in the morning, when I saw it and I went in front and gave it my finger in front of it, it came in my finger, then it came in my hand and started hitting scared style without coming, in a very innocent way I felt that it was my pet Janbar is there, took this picture of it.

How to click

I used click this picture a “smart phone “
You don’t know how click this type picture and editing let’s see
(1)Go to setting and activate grid lines for easily set the frame and click the perfect picture
(2) Deactivate auto focus for easily select your object
(3)Clean your smartphone camera lens only used cotton best for don’t scratch your lens and help to beautiful click
(4)focus on object and set the frame and click 遲

How to edit

1: Light -(1)Exposure= -0.25EV
(2) Contrast=11
(3) Highlights=15
(5)Whites= -50
(6)Blacks= -70
2: Colour
(1)Temp= 0

(2)Tint= 6
(3) Vibrance= 25
(4) Saturation=0
3:Colour mix
1st colou=
(1)Hue= 0
(2) Saturation=0
2nd colour=
(2) Saturation= 0
(3) Luminance= 0
3rd colour
(1)Hue =50
(2) Saturation=25
(3) Luminance= 12
4th colour=
(2) Saturation= 25
(3) Luminance= -25
5th colour
(1)Hue= 50
(2) Saturation=-50
(3) Luminance= 0
6th colour=
1)Hue =0
(2) Saturation=0
(3) Luminance= 0
7th colour=
(1)Hue= 0
(2) Saturation= 0
(3) Luminance= 0
8th colour=
(2) saturation=0
(3) Luminance=0
4: details=
(1) sharpening=25
(4) masking=0
(5) noise reduction=25
(8) colour noise reduction=25
(9) Details=50
(10) smoothness=75

Some information:

A prayer mantis is a wonderful insect that can be kept as a pet. A prayer mantis can catch other insects with its strong front legs. The front legs are lined with spikes and closed in a certain way to create a firm grip on the prey.
  Here you can clearly see the physical plan of a mantis. It is an adult female of Sphodromantis baccettii.
  To ensure good stereo-vision a mantis’s eyes are too large and directed forward.
  The praying mantra is designated for its prominent fore legs, which are bent together at an angle indicating the position of the prayer. By any name, these attractive insects are formidable predators. They have a long “neck,” or triangular head on a long chest.

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