gossamer winged butterfly

gossamer winged butterfly

This butterfly kept out of my house was sitting in a goling leaves of a flower plant, and the time of the time I got captivated in his phone’s cord.遲


How to click

used click this picture a “smart phone “
You don’t know how click this type picture and editing let’s see
(1)Go to setting and activate grid lines for easily set the frame and click the perfect picture
(2) Deactivate auto focus for easily select your object
(3)Clean your smartphone camera lens only used cotton best for don’t scratch your lens and help to beautiful click
(4)focus on the butterfly with plant 遲

How to edit

I suggest best editing application in your smartphone “Adobe lightroom” get download and start editing
1: Light -(1)Exposure= -0.27EV
(2) Contrast=11
(3) Highlights=25
(5)Whites= 50
(6)Blacks= -90
2: Colour
(1)Temp= -6
(2)Tint= 6
(3) Vibrance= 50
(4) Saturation= 25
3:Colour mix
1st colou=
(1)Hue= -50
(2) Saturation= 50
(3)Luminance= -50
2nd colour=
(2) Saturation= -50
(3) Luminance= 50
3rd colour
(1)Hue =0
(2) Saturation=0
(3) Luminance= 0
4th colour=
(2) Saturation= 100
(3) Luminance= 100
5th colour
(1)Hue= -50
(2) Saturation= 50
(3) Luminance= -50
6th colour=
1)Hue = 0
(2) Saturation=0
(3) Luminance= 0
7th colour=
(1)Hue= -50
(2) Saturation= 0
(3) Luminance= 0
8th colour=
(2) saturation=0
(3) Luminance=0
4: details=
(1) sharpening=25
(4) masking=0
(5) noise reduction=25
(8) colour noise reduction=25
(9) Details=50
(10) smoothness =75

Some information

butterflies found all over the world over 5000 species and they also happen to be some of the smallest of butterflies.sometimes called gossamer wings are in the family known as Lycaenidae, are a large group of Most of them share characteristics such as rear facing eyespots on the back of the wings wings presumably to trick predators into biting the wing. They also happen to be some of the most maddening and frustrating to get on camera because they are so quick, and rarely sit still more than a fraction of a secure the less fatal parts of the wings instead of the head or body or short, thin tails , also at the rear part

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