Colourful grasshopper

Colourful grasshopper

Caught this great photo in the garden while a grasshopper was hanging out on our fig tree I love the details of the underside of the leaf the face eyes and tentacles of the grasshopper each showcasing the amazing natural patterns provided by mother nature

How to click

I used click this picture a low budget “Smart phone”  yes  I used a low budget smart phone for click this picture

You know how  click this type picture and aditing let’s see
1:go to settings and activate gridlines for easily set the frame and click the perfect pictures
2: Deactivate auto focus for easily select the object
3: clean your smartphone camera lens only used cotton best for don’t  scratch  your lens and help to beautiful click

How to edit

I suggest best editing application in your smartphone “Adobe lightroom” get download and start editing 
1: Light
(1)Exposure= -26EV
(2) Contrast=+16
(3) Highlights= -50
(5)Whites= -45
(6)Blacks= -90
2: Colour
(1)Temp= -6
(2)Tint= +6
(4) Saturation= 0

3: details=
(1) sharpening=25
(4) masking=0
(5) noise reduction=25
(8) colour noise reduction=25
(9) Details=50
(10) smoothnass=7

Information for grasshopper

The colourful grasshopper are medium to large insects Adult length is 1 _ 7 Cm depending on the species  Like their respective are katydids  and  crickets they have chewing mouthparts, two pairs of wings  one narrow and tough  the other wide and flexible  and long hind legs for jumping the half grown immature form is greenish yellow with fine black and small yellow spots  The grasshopper has canary yellow and  full body are green tegmina with yellow spots and pale red hind wings a遲 grasshopper are brightly coloured grasshopper found in the Indian subcontinent  Nymphs of the species are notorious for squirting a jet of liquid up to several inches away when grasped    grasshopper are locally in few tribal areas called titighodo

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